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1、The whole machine is made according to reliable, saving energy and safety. It is facility to operate and change order rapidly.
2、Adopting high-grade material and fittings, the transmission gear adopts the high-quality steel, which is grinded after heat-treatment.
3、Adopting spline-free shaft collar to reduce wearing out and keep long time overprinting precision.
4、All of the rollers are plated with rigid chrome to increase hardness.
5、Adopting oil pump automatic lubrication system to keep lifetime of the parts in the machine.
6、 Feeding can continue or skip, counter can record the board quantity accurately.
7、 Vacuum transport.
8、 Chamber doctor blade system.
9、 Rapidness drying device.
10、Adopting PLC and touch screen multifunction controlling.
11、Installing zero position, memory to the original position, reducing the time for adjustment.
12、Automatic to zero and reset.
parameter unit model
WAM3000-1120 WAM3000-1122
Max. Feeding Size(W×L) mm 1050×2000 1050×2200
Max. Printing Size(W×L) mm 1050×1800 1050×2000
Min. Feeding Size(W×L) mm 300×520 300×520
Board Thickness mm 3-9 3-9
Plate Thickness mm 7.2 7.2
Printing Roll Axial Displacement mm 10 10
Overprinting Precision mm ±0.5 ±0.5
Max. Machine Speed pcs/min 200 200

1、Electric controlling the movement of the machine and installed alarms in order to assure the safety of the operating personnel while the bell rings constantly during marching.
2、 Moving shaft installs friction clutch to avoid of damaging the machine by error action.
3、 Pneumatic interlocking mechanism.
4、 It has protective device when main motor starts. If the machine has not been locked, the main motor can not start. The main motor uses frequency motor to save energy.
5、 Adopts sevo-controller feeding system with automatic cam. It can increase the precision of feeding with rubber-wheel and absorbing fan.
6、 Installed dusting negative pressure device, good-quality import brushes, can clean the matter on the paper surface and increase the printing quality.
7、 Automatic to adjust the length of feeding paper to decrease the pressure of feeding roll.
8、 Frequency controlling the vacuum airflow and pressure to increase the precision of the paper.
9、 Automatic to adjust the distance of the feeding roll, it has screen display.
10、 Automatic to adjust the side-board, it has screen display. It has flap device by cylinder.
11、 Automatic moving the back-board front to back, manual adjust the angle of back-board.
12、It has skip feeding device, the counter can accurately record the quantity of production.

1、 Printing rollers use good-quality heavy-walled seamless steel pipe, grind the surface and do the hard chrome plating.
2、 All of the rollers are correct by dynamic balance, so the revolving is steady.
3、 Applies hanging plate printing system, easily for plate changing; and has pedal switch, easy for plate hanging.
4、 The surface of printing roller is to grind and do the hard chrome. The space of printing roller is adjusted automatic.
5、 Automatic to adjust the distance between printing roll, pressing printing roll and vacuum body.
6、 Automatic to adjust the distance between anilox roll and printing roll.
7、 It has anilox roller plus paper feeding system auto lifting device (In feeding anilox roller drops and contacts printing plate; it rises to separate from the printing plate when stop feeding).
8、 Vacuum transmission to increase the high precision.
9、 Phase-adjusting mechanism, planet-gear structure.
10、 Adopting PLC to control the printing phase by the way of screen display adjusting at will.(adjustment when running and stopping is OK)
11、 The transverse position of printing roller can be adjusted automatic, with total distance adjustable from right to left being 10 mm.
12、 Adopting electromagnetic clutch braking mechanism, while the machine separates or the phase is adjusting; the brakes can restrict the revolving of the machine and keep the point of original gears’ position.
13、 Quickly cleaning the ink device, it memory the reset position after cleaning plate.
(A) Chamber Doctor Blade System
1、The blade raze the extra ink from ceramic anilox roll to increase the quality of the overprinting.
2、The pneumatic ink pump supplies the ink circularly.
3、Automatic alarm when lack of ink to avoid the blade damage the anilox roll.
4、Automatic cleaning the anilox roll device.
5、Change the chamber doctor blade rapidly.
(B) Rubber Roller Inking System
1、The rubber roller is formed by means of wrapping a steel pipe with wearable rubber, and has good ink transfer effect.
2、Automatic to adjust the distance between anilox roll and rubber roll.


1、Creasing-wheels cover nice glue, can not damage paper.
2、The space of the creasing-wheel, fore-creasing-wheel and slotter knife drum can be adjusted automatic, locked themselves.
3、 Slotter knife drum, creasing-wheel, paper-feeding wheel are adjusted together automatic in transverse.
4、 Adopting planet-gear structure phase adjustment.
5、 Adopting PLC and screen to control the slotter phase, converter adjustment.
6、 Flexibility cutting-knives is convenience for cutting the papers.
7、 Humanization operating interface and color touch screen, it can control feeding, printing, slotter and diecutter, easily to operate.
8、 It can storage the orders.

1、Cushion roll adopts high-quality steel, grind the surface and do the hard chrome plating.
2、 All of the rollers are corrected by dynamic balance, so the revolving is steady.
3、 Cushion roll movement from left to right is 40 mm with mechanism.
4、 Phase-adjusting mechanism, planet-gear structure.
5、 Automatic to adjust the distance between cushion roll and knives roll.
6、 Automatic to adjust the distance between feeding roll and down roll.
7、 The transverse position of cushion roller can be adjusted automatic, with total distance adjustable from right to left being 10 mm.
8、 The cushion roller will rise to avoid damage when stop feeding, so it can increase the lifetime.
9、 Speed-different compensate device can control the surface speed of the cushion roll.
10、 Automatic lathe the cushion to reduce the pressure of die-cutter.

1、The machine adopts PLC programs controlling.
2、Converter velocity modulation.
3、Order prearrangement.
4、Accident display, easy for checking the accident.
5、Adopting import electricity element.


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